Summertime Activities That Increase Your Risk for Hearing Loss

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Summertime Activities That Increase Your Risk for Hearing Loss

Summertime Activities That Increase Your Risk for Hearing Loss

You are constantly reminded about the threat of dehydration, mosquitoes and sunburns, but how much have you honestly thought about safeguarding your hearing? Slathering on sunscreen isn’t the only way you need to protect yourself this summer. Popular summer activities pose more risk to your hearing than you might realize.

Sporting Events

Of course you love to scream for your team, but when everybody else is yelling at top volumes, the decibels can shoot through the roof. Noise levels may vary between 85 dB on up to 105dB. You may experience temporary hearing loss or ringing in your ears after a particularly loud event, but remember that damage is cumulative, which means that it only gets worse over time.


Nothing says summer like a glass of wine, a cheese plate and an outdoor music festival. Unlike indoor concerts where the sound is absorbed, sound disperses at outdoor venues. For this reason, bands generally crank up the volume even louder, often well over 100 dB. Consider sitting farther away from the stage or wearing a set of earplugs.

Out for a Ride

There’s no better way to explore than with the wide open vistas of an exhilarating motorcycle ride. While many states have laws set in place to limit the amount of noise coming from motorcycles, some exhaust systems exceed those levels. Furthermore, noise levels increase as you speed up. The same principle applies for convertibles and speedboats. It is not uncommon to experience tinnitus, which is marked by a ringing or buzzing in the ears after a long ride. Wear a set of earplugs when you embark on your adventure.

Target Practice

With as many as 40 million Americans engaging in shooting practice every year, enough cannot be said about protecting your ears. Firearms are loud enough to cause instant hearing damage, which worsens with constant exposure. Always wear earplugs; it certainly wouldn’t hurt to double up with earmuffs as well.


Elaborate fireworks are lovely to watch but can be quite harmful, especially for young children. If you must bring babies or toddlers, invest in protective ear coverings to keep their delicate ears safe. Earplugs aren’t a bad idea for yourself as well.


Parades may seem pretty harmless, but for infants and young children, the noise can be quite damaging to their sensitive ears. Enjoy the sights of the bands, sirens, motorcycles and revved up engines while protecting you and your family’s hearing with earplugs or specially designed head bands for little ones.

Yard Work

Beautiful blooms and freshly cut grass may result in some blisters on your hands, but it certainly should not lead to hearing loss. However, most lawn and landscaping equipment exceeds safety levels for noise. Protect yourself with earplugs or earmuffs especially when using a lawn mower, leaf blower, or hedge clippers. Consider switching to electric equipment, which is quieter than its gas-powered counterparts.

As the temperature rises, so does the threat to your hearing. Take care to be extra diligent this summer.

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