July 2016

Summertime Activities That Increase Your Risk for Hearing Loss

Summertime Activities That Increase Your Risk for Hearing Loss

You are constantly reminded about the threat of dehydration, mosquitoes and sunburns, but how much have you honestly thought about safeguarding your hearing? Slathering on sunscreen isn’t the only way you need to protect yourself this summer. Popular summer activities pose more risk to your hearing than you might realize. Sporting Events Of course you love to scream for your team, but when everybody else is yelling at top volumes, the decibels can shoot through the roof. Noise levels may vary...

November 2015

Noise-Induced Hearing Loss Treatment and Prevention in Gainesville, FL

Turn Down the Volume: Noise-Induced Hearing Loss

An epidemic is on the rise in the U.S. It is not the flu or any other infectious disease that you may be envisioning as you read this sentence. It affects both young and old alike, but is targeting younger populations and leaving permanent effects in its wake. Your environment is filled with a constant variety of sounds, some noticeably loud and others so faint that you remain unaware of their presence. Normally, most of these sounds are harmless. However,...

January 2015

Tinnitus Treatment in Gainesville Florida

Tinnitus Explained

What is tinnitus? Tinnitus (“TIN-a-tus” or “Tin-EYE-tus”) is the perception of sound in the ears or head where no external source of sound is present. Tinnitus is commonly described as “ringing in the ears.” Facts about tinnitus. 1 in 5 adults have tinnitus 50 million people in the United States experience tinnitus 2 million of them suffer with more severe ringing of the ears #1 service-connected disability for veterans Common causes of Tinnitus Severe head injury Exposure to noise Meniere’s disease Hearing...