Audiologists in Gainesville, FL

At Audiology by Accent our patients enjoy a comprehensive team approach to provide them with the best options to improve the quality of their life.

Ryan Baker Au.D.

Ryan Baker - Gainesville Audiologist

Steven Petrakis Au.D.

Steven Petrakis - Gainesville Audiologist

Diana Guercio Au.D.

Diana Guercio - Gainesville Audiologist

Alexandra Brockner, Au.D.

Alexandra Brockner, Au.D.

Our nationally Certified Audiologists have the highest level of education possible and work hand in hand with Accent ENT’s Medical Doctors in Gainesville, FL.

Our Professionals are motivated to help their patients. Sometimes that will require hearing aids or assistive listening devices, sometimes it requires medical treatment and other times learning tips for better communication will suffice. Regardless of what we recommend, it is always your choice; we will not pressure you into buying something you are unsure about.

Audiology by Accent is a MD/AuD-directed, full-service provider of diagnostic, medical treatment & surgical procedures. We provide all surgical and non-surgical procedures designed to improve, restore, or reconstruct a person’s hearing health.

We believe being able to hear clearly and naturally impact the body, spirit and mind of person, and we strive to care for our patients with the utmost technical quality, compassion and understanding. Our doctors provide in-depth personal attention to all aspects of your care, from the initial consultation through all care. Our medical standards are very high, because your overall medical care and safety is our greatest concern. Your well-being is our number one priority.

The doctors at Audiology by Accent have a tremendous amount of experience with the Gainesville community. Their knowledge and experience, in combination with state-of-the-art facilities and equipment, allows our doctors to provide excellent quality of care in their respective specialties.