I had no idea what all I had been missing. It started right away on my way home; the click of the turn signal, the sound of my gear shift, my automatic locks as I started to accelerate and the sound of air as other cars passed me by.

When I got home I realized as I stood in my yard that I could actually hear the sound of traffic on the highway about an eighth of a mile from my home. (…)

Thank you so much for my new world of sound. Your generosity is so greatly appreciated.


It’s the best purchase I have ever made.

J. Ward

Having received hearing aids from an advertised chain, I thought my hearing had improved to the right level. My family was not that impressed and I was referred to Dr. Baker at Accent. Now my life has changed and my family is ecstatic – I am grateful.

Dr. C. Leathers

Big thank you for the super great aids you chose for me and your professional, friendly attention.

D. Nantz

Being essentially deaf in my right ear, and with what is considered moderate to severe hearing loss in my left ear, I use a hearing aid from Accent Audiology in my left ear. I consider it my lifeline. Rarely am I aware of my hearing loss.

Mary Schmid Lake House A-413

I’m a Business Analyst and my ability to hear and comprehend my customers is critical to my job.  As a new patient of Audiology by Accent their level of service exceeded all expectations. The Resound Verso hearing aids with the Phone Clip+ Bluetooth accessory has changed my life thanks to Dr. Baker’s individual assessment of my personal and professional listening requirements. He not only programmed my hearing aids for my severe hearing loss he tailored the features to the environment and surroundings unique to my life. Audiology by Accent truly takes the time to understand you as an individual.

Audiology by Accent new “Peace of Mind Pricing” structure which separates the hearing aid cost from the audiologist services enabled me to receive the maximum benefits from my insurance.

Kind regards / Met vriendelijke groeten,


I would like to thank and recommend Dr. Guercio at Accent Audiology. Dr. Guercio has been awesome for my dad who is in his 90s. She has added so much to his quality of life. The doctor and her staff have enabled him to hear better and were so compassionate with their care. They talked with us so we could understand and kept things simple so everything was easy for us to follow.

Dr. Guercio recommended the perfect hearing aid my dad could operate. His hearing aid works with his TV and telephone. This has really improved his quality of life. The team makes appointments easy and are great problem solvers. A million thanks to Dr. Guercio and Accent Audiology.

Pam Bliss