Eustachian Tube Function Test in Gainesville, FL

Your eustachian tube is a tunnel-like structure that connects your nasal cavity to your middle ear. When your ear “pops,” that’s your eustachian tube opening and allowing pressure in the middle ear to equalize. The tube can become clogged or stay open too much, and both conditions can lead to affected hearing. You might not have an actual loss, but sounds could seem echo-like or dulled because excess pressure in the middle ear is preventing your tympanic membrane or the bones in the middle ear from moving properly.

Eustachian tube function tests include tympanometry, both the regular test and a specific version specifically designed to evaluate the eustachian tube. As with regular tympanometry, the specific eustachian tube test requires you to sit still. However, in this test, you’ll have to swallow when the audiologist tells you to.

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