Reasons why Hearing Loss is More Dangerous Than You Think

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Prevention and Treatment of Hearing Loss in Gainesville, FL

Reasons why Hearing Loss is More Dangerous Than You Think

Hearing loss is often a creeping and gradual process that actually poses much more of a threat than most people realize. More than just a mere annoyance, hearing loss is not only dangerous but may also be an indication of other serious health conditions. Many of the consequences of hearing loss are hidden, making them easy to ignore. They should not, however, be taken lightly.

  • Possible Connection to Dementia

Whether due to a common pathology, similar damaging effects on the brain, or a decrease in social interactions, studies have shown possible correlations between hearing loss and dementia-related conditions, such as Alzheimer’s disease and general memory decline.

  • Increased Instances of Depression

Those who suffer from hearing loss are more likely to experience social isolation, which may or may not be self-imposed. This trend holds true across all ages and races as well as for both genders.

  • Heightened Risk of Injury

Without the ability to hear warning sounds, including sirens and alarms, those suffering from hearing impairment miss common alerts that signify danger.

  • Lower Average Income

Hearing loss adversely affects overall levels of income as communication skills are often compromised. Proficiency in communication is vital to job performance and advancement.

  • Auditory Decline

Just as with any other skill set or muscle in the body, the principle of “use it or lose it” comes into play with auditory skills. As hearing loss increases, the auditory muscles atrophy, or weaken. This downward spiral of hearing diminishment continues into what is referred to as auditory deprivation.

  • Heightened Risk of Falling

Even with mild levels of hearing loss, the risk of falling significantly increases. As the level of hearing loss progresses, the risk of falling continues to elevate.

  • Underlying Medical Issues

Though hearing loss is often related to age or continual exposure to loud noises, it may be a symptom of something more serious, such as cardiovascular disease, otosclerosis, or Meniere’s disease.

Getting your hearing checked regularly is an essential step in both the prevention and treatment of hearing loss. Contact a Gainesville, FL Audiologist at (352) 271-5373 Or Toll Free: (877) 329-9360 for a hearing evaluation. Share with people you know!

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