Travel Tips for People With Hearing Loss

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Travel Tips for People With Hearing Loss by Accent Audiology in Gainesville, FL

Travel Tips for People With Hearing Loss

While it may not be possible to have every detail of your journey mapped out, a bit of advanced planning can go a long way in making your trip much smoother.

  1. Sign up for mobile alerts via text or email to ensure that you are constantly aware of schedule changes or cancellations.
  2. Request a seat or room that has accommodations that are in full compliance with the American with Disabilities Act (ADA).
  3. Carry on your equipment. Be sure to pack extra batteries and tubing in your carry-on luggage. If you are traveling internationally, bring a voltage converter that matches the voltage requirements of your destination.
  4. A backup means of communication is not only convenient but could be potentially lifesaving. This can be something as simple as a small notebook and pen or a notepad app on your mobile device.
  5. While the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) does not require you to remove your hearing aid when passing through airport security, it is best to notify a security officer before screening to minimize confusion and potential delays. You can print a notification card at
  6. As soon as you board an airplane, alert your flight attendants and those in the surrounding seats so that they can help you to stay informed of any important announcements. There is no need for you to turn off your hearing aids during takeoff or landing.
  7. When traveling onboard a cruise ship, be sure to inform your crew of your hearing loss in case of an emergency. Inquire about entertainment options, such as assisted-listening devices (ALDs), closed captioning and sign language interpretation.
  8. Your hearing loss can transform into your gain when you ride the rails. Amtrak offers a 15 percent discount to you and a traveling companion. Greyhound has a Disabilities Travel Assistance Line to help you plan your bus trip and secure priority seating.

Getting your hearing checked regularly is an essential step in both the prevention and treatment of hearing loss. Contact a Gainesville, FL Audiologist at (352) 271-5373 Or Toll Free: (877) 329-9360 for a hearing evaluation. Share with people you know!

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