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Hyperacusis - Symptoms, Types, Causes & Treatment. Audiology by Accent in Gainesville, FL.

Hyperacusis – Symptoms, Types, Causes & Treatment.

If everyday sounds bother you, you might have hyperacusis. People who have this condition are very sensitive to regular sounds in the environment. Hyperacusis can negatively impact many areas of your life and can harm your career and social life. Suffering from this condition can make simple activities such as watching television, vacuuming, or talking to friends nearly impossible. In some cases, people who suffer from hyperacusis are unable to tolerate the sounds of their voices or those of...

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Rare Ear Condition Makes Woman Unable to Hear Men’s Voices

A woman who lives in China was recently diagnosed with a type of hearing loss that is called reverse-slope hearing loss. The woman awakened and was unable to hear her boyfriend's voice, which prompted her to see a specialist. This condition is named after the appearance of the slope on audiology exams and refers to a hearing loss in which people are unable to hear sounds of lower frequencies. Reverse-slope hearing loss is very rare and affects an estimated...