Hearing Loss

January 2020

Dining Out for People with Hearing Loss by Audiology by Accent in Gainesville, FL

Dining Out for People with Hearing Loss

Dining out with a hearing loss Millions of Americans suffer from hearing loss, and many wear hearing aids. While hearing aids can help people to hear better and to understand what others are saying to them, they might not work as well when people are eating out at restaurants. Modern restaurants tend to use decorative details such as glass and hard flooring that allow sound to echo off of them. When you combine these types of decorative features with the...

September 2019

Hidden Hearing Loss - Gainesville Audiologist

About hidden hearing loss

What is hidden hearing loss? Hidden hearing loss a relatively new term. It describes hearing loss that cannot be measured by standard hearing tests, even though patients report difficulty hearing, especially in background noise. How is hidden hearing loss measured? There is no standard test protocol to detect hidden hearing loss. A person with hidden hearing loss may have normal results on a standard hearing test battery. An audiologist may elect to do additional testing that evaluates a patient’s hearing abilities in...

August 2019

Musicians with Hearing Loss

Beethoven is the most famous example of a musician who had a severe hearing loss. Beethoven lost his hearing in his early 20s and wrote many of his best works after he was deaf. Here are some other examples of famous musicians who have suffered hearing losses as a result of their careers. Chris Martin of Coldplay Chris Martin developed tinnitus at a young age that includes headaches and ringing in his ears. He works with the Action on Hearing Loss...

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Rare Ear Condition Makes Woman Unable to Hear Men’s Voices

A woman who lives in China was recently diagnosed with a type of hearing loss that is called reverse-slope hearing loss. The woman awakened and was unable to hear her boyfriend's voice, which prompted her to see a specialist. This condition is named after the appearance of the slope on audiology exams and refers to a hearing loss in which people are unable to hear sounds of lower frequencies. Reverse-slope hearing loss is very rare and affects an estimated...

May 2019

Hearing loss in the workplace - Gainesville Audiologist

Working with Hearing Loss

Making a Sound Investment in Hearing Loss Hearing loss might appear at first to be a mere annoyance or minor health issue. However, hearing loss can have severe and negative results if left unchecked. In the workplace, hearing loss can adversely affect employability and workplace productivity, which has far-reaching effects into society. According to the World Health Organization, or WHO, expenses related to hearing loss in the work environment can cost upwards of 750 billion dollars each year. An Economic Issue Although the...