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May 2016

Beware of DIY Approaches to Aid ‪‎Hearing Loss

Beware of DIY Approaches to Aid ‪‎Hearing Loss!

While the do-it-yourself, or DIY, mentality is quite appealing in many areas of life, your health is an area in which it’s often best to consult the experts. The biggest hurdle for most Americans is the wealth of information, and often misinformation, that is available at just the click of a button. This has led far too many people to opt for speed over quality when searching for options to deal with hearing loss. Quick Fixes Those suffering from hearing loss,...

February 2016

A patient with hearing loss enjoying time with family in Gainesville, FL

How to Keep Loved Ones with Hearing Loss Close?

Coping with hearing loss is different from other disabilities in that it is an invisible condition. The reactions or behaviors associated with hearing loss may not be always apparent. People with hearing loss often feel left out of conversations as those around them tell stories and reconnect over laughter. In fact, these special moments can pose a real threat of depression and overall feelings of loneliness as people with diagnosed or undiagnosed hearing loss tend to withdraw. If you’re hosting...

November 2015

Noise-Induced Hearing Loss Treatment and Prevention in Gainesville, FL

Turn Down the Volume: Noise-Induced Hearing Loss

An epidemic is on the rise in the U.S. It is not the flu or any other infectious disease that you may be envisioning as you read this sentence. It affects both young and old alike, but is targeting younger populations and leaving permanent effects in its wake. Your environment is filled with a constant variety of sounds, some noticeably loud and others so faint that you remain unaware of their presence. Normally, most of these sounds are harmless. However,...

October 2015

Better Pricing of Hearing Aids in Gainesville, FL

Caught Up in the Codes: Benefits of Unbundled Pricing

Have you ever gotten a medical bill that was far more than you expected to pay, and you couldn’t even figure out what services it actually covered? This is an all too common occurrence in the medical field where complicated codes must correspond with each and every service provided. Current Procedural Terminology, or CPT, codes are set forth by the American Medical Association. These unique codes are designed to cover medical, surgical and diagnostic services. However, if a service does...

July 2015

Gainesville, Fl Hearing Loss and Hearing Aids

Untreated Hearing Loss Can Have Its Own Lasting Effects

Hearing loss may seem like it is merely an annoyance or trivial health issue. However, according to a recent study put out by the National Council on the Aging (NCOA), hearing loss can have detrimental consequences for older adults. Hearing loss is not simply a harmless physical concern. It affects people socially and emotionally. Among those suffering from hearing loss are heightened rates of anxiety, depression and even paranoia. People who need but do not wear hearing aids are far...

June 2015

Selection of Hearing Aids in Gainesville Florida

Choosing the Right Hearing Aid

Choosing the right hearing aid is not only a matter of function but also style. In overall functionality, hearing aids basically work in much the same way by amplifying sounds from your environment within your ear. However, hearing aids can vary greatly when it comes to size, price, special features and even placement in the ear. Styles of Hearing Aids Completely-in-the-Canal (CIC) Hearing Aids Designed for adults suffering from mild to moderate hearing loss Smallest and least visible Picks up less...

May 2015

Travel Tips for People With Hearing Loss by Accent Audiology in Gainesville, FL

Travel Tips for People With Hearing Loss

While it may not be possible to have every detail of your journey mapped out, a bit of advanced planning can go a long way in making your trip much smoother. Sign up for mobile alerts via text or email to ensure that you are constantly aware of schedule changes or cancellations.Request a seat or room that has accommodations that are in full compliance with the American with Disabilities Act (ADA).Carry on your equipment. Be sure to pack extra batteries...

April 2015

Prevention and Treatment of Hearing Loss in Gainesville, FL

Reasons why Hearing Loss is More Dangerous Than You Think

Hearing loss is often a creeping and gradual process that actually poses much more of a threat than most people realize. More than just a mere annoyance, hearing loss is not only dangerous but may also be an indication of other serious health conditions. Many of the consequences of hearing loss are hidden, making them easy to ignore. They should not, however, be taken lightly. Possible Connection to Dementia Whether due to a common pathology, similar damaging effects on the brain,...

January 2015

Tinnitus Treatment in Gainesville Florida

Tinnitus Explained

What is tinnitus? Tinnitus (“TIN-a-tus” or “Tin-EYE-tus”) is the perception of sound in the ears or head where no external source of sound is present. Tinnitus is commonly described as “ringing in the ears.” Facts about tinnitus. 1 in 5 adults have tinnitus 50 million people in the United States experience tinnitus 2 million of them suffer with more severe ringing of the ears #1 service-connected disability for veterans Common causes of Tinnitus Severe head injury Exposure to noise Meniere’s disease Hearing...