The future of Smart Hearing is here!

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The future of Smart Hearing is here - Gainesville Audiology.

The future of Smart Hearing is here!

Hearing loss is more than a moderately annoying health concern. If left untreated, it can pose larger health and safety issues. Hearing aids have evolved from awkwardly obvious devices to sleek and subtle technological marvels.

Consequences of Untreated Hearing Loss

Refusal to properly deal with hearing loss can result in social isolation and feelings of depression. Additionally, it puts you in potentially dangerous situations, such as not being able to hear sirens or warnings alarms.

As your hearing declines over time, your auditory muscles weaken from a lack of use. This will eventually spiral into auditory deprivation.

Effortless Hearing

Hearing aids dramatically increase your quality of life at home, in the workplace and in social settings. Smart hearing aids eliminate stress and effort with the convenience of innovative technology and design. Your goal is effortless hearing.

Smart hearing aids will:

  • Accurately capture a full range of sounds
  • Eliminate unnecessary background noise
  • Deliver targeted sounds with precision and clarity

The decision to use hearing aids is not always an easy one. There is often a perceived stigma attached to usage. Smart hearing aids provide maximum discreetness and effectiveness for your everyday tasks and adventures.

Hearing Aid Benefits

  • Enhanced self-esteem
  • Stronger relationships with friends and family
  • Boosted work productivity
  • Positive mental health
  • Heightened sense of safety
  • Better social interactions

Smooth Transitions

Unlike traditional hearing aids, which are powered by analog technology, digitally-powered smart hearing aids are able to automatically detect your listening environment and instinctively adjust to maximize your hearing experience. Whether you are at a party in a noisy venue, outside playing golf in the wind, or driving your car, your smart hearing aids will deliver a streamline of smooth sound with no added effort on your part.

Both of your hearing aids are in constant communication in order to process sounds simultaneously giving you high-definition binaural hearing. Absolutely no manual adjustments are required as you smoothly transition from one environment to another. If you are conversing in a loud restaurant, your hearing aids will hone in on the speaker’s voice while dimming other ambient sounds. As you then head outside to walk off your delicious lunch, they automatically adjust to allow you to take in the lovely sounds of nature.

Customized Hearing

Utilizing two-way wireless communication, smart hearing aids zero in on desired sounds with pinpoint accuracy and precision. Bluetooth technology allows you to sync your hearing aids with a smart phone or other device for optimal personalization through your own interactive app.

You have the freedom to adjust the volume without ever even touching your ear. It’s like having customized, on-demand hearing.

Smart and Set Apart

Whether you are on vacation relaxing at the beach or are caught up in a whirlwind of executive business meetings, smart hearing aids allow you to fully and comfortably connect to your surroundings, experiencing crystal clear hearing at every moment.

Visit our Audiology Sound Suite to view the product demos. Explore latest technologies and tailor made solutions to fit your lifestyle.

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