Electro / Videonystagmography (ENG/VNG) in Gainesville, FL

Electro/videonystagmography helps diagnose and evaluate balance and dizziness problems. Electronystagmography uses electrodes placed on the face to record specific eye movements called nystagmus. Videonystagmography uses infrared goggles to record the eye movements.

You’ll be asked to watch moving images, some of which may appear to jump, while others move smoothly. Another part of the test, called caloric reflex, involves having warm or cold air blown into your ear canal; your eyes move involuntarily when this happens, and the movements can indicate certain issues with your vestibular system. The person administering the test will also move your head into different positions while your eye movements are recorded.

While the test itself doesn’t require you to do much, you may have to prepare for the test by not eating for a few hours beforehand. Some people experience nausea during the test; if you’re concerned about that, ask your doctor about additional ways to reduce the chances of that happening. Doctors and audiologists are familiar with the potential for nausea to occur and will do what they can to help you avoid it. Contact your audiologist for a complete rundown of how to prepare for an electro/videonystagmography test

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